A full service

When it comes to beginning work on your property, whether it’s a small job or a full refurbishment, one of the most overwhelming aspects is figuring out how it’s all going to work – what vendors to use for different aspects of the project, when to schedule them in, how to manage the timetable and so on.

At A Fresh Lick, we are well practised in the process of overseeing projects and we can take that hassle away from you, offering the full project management service. What this means for you is an annoyance free experience with just one point of contact – us.

What we do

How does it work?

It’s pretty simple really – this is what we do and we do it well. So, once we have agreed on a project overview with you, including timeline, budget and, of course, aesthetics, we will take point on the project. As the majority of the work will be completed in-house by A Fresh Lick, you won’t need to worry about hundreds of nameless workers walking through your home – we will manage all necessary contractors (all of whom will be drawn from our trusted pool of contacts) personally.

Is this service only offered for bigger jobs?

Not at all. If, for example, you want to redecorate a bathroom, which includes moving some of the elements around and requires some plumbing work, as your project managers, we will deal directly with every element of the project. This could include anything from sourcing the paint for the walls through to managing the plumber.

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