Your outside needs

Not just confined to interior spaces, the team at A Fresh Lick can also help transform the outside of your property too. Whether you are looking for a simple fence panel replacement or a full garden re-design, we can help with all of your outside needs.

What is landscaping and how does it work?

Great landscaping is not just a case of rushing in and throwing up a wall or laying down a lawn. Rather, it is the ‘interior design’ of our outside spaces and a process that requires observation and working with the environment to create the very best results.

What we do

Landscaping can be divided into three distinct, but not wholly separate features – all of which we can help with – including:

  • The living plants – the grass and flowers, basically, all the beautiful plants that make up the heart of any garden.
  • The natural elements – such as water features or changing the shape of your outside space. Creating a beautiful outside space is not just about the plants – considering how the features and the plants work together is one of the most important elements of landscape gardening.
  • Abstract elements – such as the lighting. The same way music adds an additional and important feature to films, so too do aspects like lighting and even audio add to the overall effect of a garden. Have you ever watched the sequence of Rocky running up the stairs without ‘Eye of the Tiger’ playing in the background? It’s still good, but it doesn’t really ignite the senses the same way the full edit of the scene does. It is with that concept in mind that we approach our landscaping, considering all of the disparate elements that, when they work together, make something unique and beautiful.

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