Project Description

I was approached by a new customer to help resolve the issue of a cold bedroom due to an existing old concrete air vent built into the wall, I was initially asked to remove the vent and make good the area ready for decoration for the customer.

I also recommended a product to the customer that I had used on a previous project which suffered similar problems. I explained to them that this particular thermal wall lining product resolves the issue of walls that are cold to the touch. The product is around 4mm thick and has a woolen like filling between two layers of fabric paper. This was installed on the two external walls of the room and instant thermal benefits were achieved.

A FRESH LICK TIP – older houses can often suffer from damp issues and cold walls due to having their cavities blocked, broken damp proof seal or by having no cavities at all, this can often be resolved by cavity isolation if a cavity is present, but in this case the use of internal insulating products solved the issue.