Property Maintenance

Bathroom replacement – Chelmsford

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We were approached by a customer who wanted to update their tired looking family bathroom, they wanted to create as much space as possible and wanted to change the use of the bath into a large shower. We managed to install a wall to wall walk in shower enclosure into the room with the new [...]

Worktop Replacement – Chelmsford

Although we can install new kitchens or even replace doors and drawers to achieve the same effect, we have on numerous time have been asked to replace just the worktops. In this particular instance the customer had just purchased the property to rent out, and the only aspect of the kitchen that was looking a [...]

Chimney Breast Removal – Chelmsford

I was contacted by a new customer who had recently moved into a new house and wanted to make some changes to the lounge and bathroom as well as the installation of new doors. The particular aspect of the project was to remove the fire place from the lounge that was now acting as a [...]

Cold External Wall Fix – Chelmsford

I was approached by a new customer to help resolve the issue of a cold bedroom due to an existing old concrete air vent built into the wall, I was initially asked to remove the vent and make good the area ready for decoration for the customer. I also recommended a product to the customer [...]

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